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India is perhaps the most fascinating country on earth, till nowadays, it’s history, culture and traditions are deeply rooted. It will take a lot of time to understand, which no one has to travel today. Our tours offer you the opportunities for close contact with local people, to see the many faces of India, to understand it better and take it home within your heart.

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While we travel through India, we are constantly inspired by the ideas that you will find in our offers. We want to show you more than just the sights of a region. It is our desire to let participate you in the fascinating and heroic myths and legends which determine the Indian weekday certainly today. On our tours you wanting to see behind the facades and understand much which was till now difficult to understand for you. Let yourself be surprised by the kaleidoscope at events which happened along our prepared routes in the course of the centuries.


Small group, happier travelers.

Traveling in small groups makes it possible to meet your personal needs and desires. These routes are designed in a way that you do not miss any attractions and still find enough time to relax and enjoy. Meera Tours & Travel offer tours prepared to be carried out from two people on the desired travel dates. All itineraries are individually modifiable and compatible. At your request, we will shorten or extend the tours.

Discover the colors of India (Winningen)

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Discover the colors of India tour

At Meera Tours & Travel, our strengths are our individuality and flexibility. In addition to the tours offered, we create your personal itinerary according to your wishes. Please let us know which region and which cities you want to travel, how much time and budget you have available.  We will create your own package, then advise and assist you in every possible way. Throughout your trip, contact persons are available around the clock.


Tour Package


Each of these tours is individually changeable and combinable. All tours can be shorten or lengthen the route, and we always design the tour by your wishes and budget.

  • India for Beginners
  • Highlights of India
  • Fascinating India
  • Temples and Tigers in India
India for Beginners

India for Beginners 


Delhi → Jaipur → Agra → Fatehpur Sikri → Jhansi → Orchha → Khajuraho → Varanasi → Delhi

Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most wanted tour package in India. This tour enables you to spectacle the beauty of three heritage cities. Our tour included Varanasi, the oldest city in the world and also Khajuraho where you can see the most graphic, erotic and sensuous sculptures of India, the world has ever known. Filled with unforgettable impressions you will one day want to come back to India!

Highlights of India
Fascinating India
Temples and Tigers in India

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" I’m so glad that my friend in Kerala recommended your firm.  I found your prices reasonable and your customer service excellent... As you know, I’ve already recommended you to some friends who are planning a trip to India.  If you would like to use me as a personal reference, please feel free to do so. "

Paul A. Ramsey, USA


" We had the luxury of traveling by car (with a driver) and stopping wherever we encountered something interesting. Suresh made us feel totally comfortable and safe as we mingled with the wonderful people in their colorful villages." 

Angelika Pohl, USA


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Because the journeys are carried out at every desired appointment, the prices can vary and be higher or lower. This is depend on the travel time (main or off season), available hotels, prices of train and plane tickets as well as the entrance fees. In addition, the number of participants affect the amount of the price per person.

We ask you for your understanding that we have not indicated any prices for all tours for this reason.

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