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Terms and Conditions


Booking a tour can be made electronically, orally or by telephone. A written confirmation will be sent immediately after receipt of the booking.


After receiving the booking 20% of the price deposit is payable. Final payment shall be made 30 days prior to the travel date.


The information related to the extent of contractual services resulting from the performance by Meera Tours & Travel shall be provided in the confirmation. If changes or deviations of individual travel services are needed from the agreed contents of the travel sequence, should be informed to Meera Tours & Travel. The overall sequence of the journey shall not be affected. Specified flight and transfer times are subject to an amendment.

For air travel, performance of the Flight and airline are subject to an amendment.

Cancellation by the customer

Before the start of trip, the customer can cancel it at any point of time. What matters is the receipt of the written cancellation notice by Meera Tours & Travel.

If the customer cancels the travel contract or if he does not travel, Meera Tours & Travel loses the right receive the travel price but can claim compensation. Until the departure, the traveller has the right to have a third party enters into the rights and obligations at his place under the travel contract.

Travel Insurance/ Health Insurance/ Health Protection

A trip cancellation insurance and medical and repatriation insurance are not included in the tour price. It is recommended to contract a travel cancellation insurance and travel insurance. The traveller should check before starting the trip on infectious measures and necessary vaccinations. The necessary information are available from health departments, doctors (medical travel) and Tropical Institutes.


It the promised travel services are not provided, the customer may demand redress. The deficiency must be displayed immediately to the local tour guide.